Picnic Spots

Jesus Green

North of the city centre, bordered by the River Cam, Victoria Avenue and Jesus College. It’s one of the most popular picnic areas in Cambridge. Jesus Green is open parkland with tennis courts, table tennis tables, a skateboard park, children play area and the open-air swimming pool, Jesus Green Lido.


Located opposite Jesus Green, Midsummer Common is well-known for the annual Midsummer Fair, bonfire night, the Strawberry Fair, the herd of Red Poll cattle who graze here part of the year. Houseboats are moored here on the river Cam, and most of the colleges’ boathouses are located on the opposite bank.


Once home to one of the largest annual fairs in Europe, now this stunning part of  Cambridge is classed as a Local Nature Reserve. Stourbridge Common is popular with locals, especially for walks. Biodiversity of animal and plant species is encouraged now, the grazing of cattle is part of this effort

Fen Ditton 

Ditton Meadows is the area between Stourbridge Common and the picturesque village of Fen Ditton. It’s grazed by cattle during the summer months, and you can walk along the river over the commons to Fen Ditton. It is one of the quieter parts of Cambridge, so perfect for getting away from the crowds.

Christ Pieces

This typical Victorian park alongside Christ College connects the two main shopping centres, the Grafton Centre and Grand Arcade. Chris Pieces is popular with locals to catch a few rays of sun and for picnics. The central area is the Lady Diana Memorial garden, and it includes a bowling green, tennis courts, table tennis tables, and children play area.

Parkers Piece

Parker’s Piece is one of Cambridge’s best known open spaces, next to the impressive University Arms. It’s a place of many festivals and popular with locals to play games, have picnics, and watch cricket. Parkers Piece is also the birthplace of the international football rules and home to Reality Checkpoint.

Mill Pond

Mill pond is a lovely open green space at the end of the backs, where many people flock to when the sun is out, to have a picnic or grab a drink from Mill Pond Pub. Moving away from the bridge, you will notice a water mill, which has been converted into a restaurant. It is an excellent starting point for a walk to Grantchester.

Lammas Land

This family-friendly area is a popular park in the summer primarily because of its paddling pool and large play area. This vast open green space and partly shaded by the many ancient willows are the perfect settings for picnics. It includes table tennis tables, tennis courts, a bowling green and a cafe.

Sheeps Green

This fascinating Local Nature Reserve, Sheep’s Green, is close to Coe Fen and runs along the River Cam’s west bank. The Fen is managed to encourage an increase in natural diversity and is intended to remain as a water meadow habitat with periodic flooding. Cows can be seen grazing here and old trees have become a play area for children.

River Cam


The famous Grantchester Meadows to the south of the city can be reached by walking across Lammas Land by the River Cam and through a nature reserve, which has a range of habitats, including woodland, marshes and the river itself. Grantchester Meadows is very popular with locals, especially when the sun is out. It is a stunning area for a picnic along the river.

Best Picnics

As soon as the sun comes out, people flock to the open green spaces in Cambridge to meet up with friends and family, play games and for a picnic. Since the pandemic, locals have discovered the lesser known areas too. Here are our favourite picnic places in Cambridge.


One of the best ways to explore Cambridge is on foot. There are so many scenic walks around Cambridge that it is almost difficult to choose. Walking around the historic centre seems to be the most obvious choice. Let us introduce you to the ones off the beaten track.

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