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My favourite indies

We can be proud of the vast number of independent shops in Cambridge. Since the pandemic, the high street has changed. Big players have ceased trading giving independent shops exciting new beginnings.

Many independent shops you might not spot straight away. They’re often slightly off the beaten track, in small alleyways away from Kings Parade and in the area of Mill Road or further afield. Cambridge is expanding rapidly, and excellent indies are opening up in these areas.

Steve Lindford and Anne Beamish

Indie Cambridge

One of these unique businesses, who embraces the same philosophy is Indie Cambridge. Their Founders, Steve Linford and Anne Beamish, were long-term residents and avid independent supporters shocked that in 2010, a think tank voted Cambridge ‘number one clone town in England’. They weren’t the only ones. So was I! In 2012 I started the Cambridge Food Tour, and Steve and Anne Indie Cambridge celebrated the diversity and individuality unique to the local independent scene.

Their members include cafes, restaurants, shops, galleries, culture and leisure, and professional and business services and anything to do with homes and gardens. Pop over to their website for the complete listing if you are looking for a trusted independent business. 

Food Tour

Check out my favourite indies

Wondering where I like to shop? I prefer to hop on my Dutch bike, stopping at my favourite shops and the market. Cambridge is incredibly bike-friendly, and most of the time, you can park your bike in front of the shop. Don’t have a bike? Cambridge city centre is relatively compact. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk from Kings parade to Mill Road. There are ample parking garages if you come from further afield.

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