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Situated only 45 minutes away from London by train, the pretty university city of Cambridge never fails to attract lots of visitors. Staying a day never feels enough because there is so much to see and do. Whether you are taking a leisurely punt down the River Cam, meandering over numerous commons to Grantchester or helping yourself to food, music and culture. Here are my favourite itineraries.

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The What’s On Agenda is the main feature of this website and likely to catch your attention. It includes various daily activities for you to take your pick. Take punting, a biking tour, wandering the streets of Cambridge drinking in the history on a historical tour, or wetting your palate with a food tour.

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Taking inspiration from her valued food tour guests, local food blogger and founder of Cambridge Food Tour, Gerla de Boer, decided to create the ultimate Cambridge Travel Guide. Though they were locals, they felt like strangers in their own home. Many had difficulty locating information on the goings-on in Cambridge and wished for a central hub to make it easier.

During the first lockdown, in 2020, Gerla answered their call and created the Cambridge Travel Guide, bringing all the activities Cambridge has to offer together on one centralised portal. You can find exciting independent businesses, pop up events, street food markets, special events and local restaurants. And that is not all. The Cambridge Travel Guide will keep you in the loop with vibrant festivals celebrating Cambridge’s rich cultural diversity, food and music.

Cambridge is a city for all seasons.

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