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Our pick of the best things to do in Cambridge. From tucking into the stickiest bun in the world, the Chelsea bun to visiting the colleges, enjoying Cambridge’s stunning sites from the river Cam and discovering hidden Cambridge. Here are our top 10 things to do.


This workers’ cooperative started in 1970. Arjuna Whole Foods source their products from fellow cooperatives Suma and Essential. Bread suppliers are Stir bakery, and Fitzbillies and their fruit and vegetables come from Paul’s Soyfoods, Wildcountry and Waterland organics and Prospects trust.

Full Circle

One of the oldest university cities in the world is at all times of the year a joy to visit. Check out our favourite walks, museums, hoods and entertainment for more detailed information head over to our What’s on Agenda. Enjoy your time in Cambridge!


The Cambridge food scene is booming. It might sound as a surprise during the current pandemic, but the attraction opening up in Cambridge is ongoing. Move away from the busy tourist track, and you’ll stumble across some fantastic indies.

our tip – stay longer

Staying a day in Cambridge never feels enough because there is so much to see and do.

Check out my favourite indies

Wondering where I like to shop? I prefer to hop on my Dutch bike, stopping off at my favourite shops and the market. Cambridge is incredibly bike-friendly, and most of the time, you can park your bike in front of the shop. Don’t have a bike? Cambridge city centre is relatively compact. It takes you approximately 20 minutes to walk from Kings parade to Mill Road. There are ample parking garages if you come from further afield.

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