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Restaurants with an excellent vegan and vegetarian menu

Are you looking for a restaurant, which caters for all, but does a very good vegetarian and vegan offering too? Check our favourites in Cambridge for all round excellent food enjoyed by all walks of live. 

Vegan and plant-based food have recently become very popular, and many restaurants have now included vegan options. Vegetables play a big part in Indian and Mediterranean cuisine, so they always have a good selection of plant-based options, so it is fair to say that you can’t go wrong here.


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Tawa Kitchen 

Tawa is renowned for promoting wellness inside and out, taking the ayurvedic principle of balance in body and mind and applying this to our cooking. Their kitchen moves away from the format of stereotypical Indian restaurants serving heavy dishes concentrating on curry and rice. 

Giggling Squid

The flavoursome menu is filled with delectable vegan dishes, crafted by Giggling Squid’s expert Thai chefs, perfect for enjoying solo, or sharing with loved ones. The recent additions to their menu gives you even more plant-based options to choose from.

coffee shops


Situated on one of the major streets in Cambridge, Regent Street, this quirky bar, restaurant and roof terrace is one of the local favourites. Serving modern cuisine from the smoke oven and grill, excellent coffee and cocktails. Open till late. 

Tiffin Truck

A funky bar and restaurant where you can enjoy Indian market food dishes alongside Indian craft beers and cocktails. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of an Indian bazaar for a speedy lunch or delicious evening meal, to eat in or take away. 


Dining at Maurizio is synonym for a fun evening out and taste the real Italy. It’s all about passion at Maurizio. Excellent wines,  delicious homestyle food, sharing platters and pizza and sip Negroni’s or cocktails at their Negroni bar at the back of their restaurant. 

Street Food

Cambridge has a vibrant street food scene dotted around Cambridge, mainly during lunchtime but at some places in the evening, like at Thirsty Cambridge. Many of the traders offer excellent vegan and vegetarian food too. 

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The first vegan and vegetarian Indian restaurant in Cambridge. One of their driving values in life is compassion and care, which is why they serve 100% vegetarian & vegan food, the taste of which guarantees a ‘meat not missed’ experience.

Old Bicycle 

The Old Bicycle Shop provides a unique setting for all sorts of occasions, from a quick coffee and brunch to a special dinner with friends. They take pride in serving fresh, locally-sourced food for all tastes, with plenty of tempting choices for the vegetarians and vegans among you.

Little Petra 

Little Petra is a family-run Jordanian restaurant. Their journey started in a small restaurant on Mill Road serving wholesome traditional Jordanian meals. Soon to open their new restaurant on Hills Road.



Bedouin takes you back to North Africa dining in a Bedouin tent enjoying traditional heart-warming tagines and couscous dishes from across the Maghreb. Bespoke range of non ABV cocktails complement the delicious food.  

Al Casbah

This popular grill restaurant is the sister restaurant of Bedouin. Enjoy freshly made meze dips, grilled meats, fish and vegetables which are cooked for you on a large open charcoal grill or if you fancy something different from our kitchen try the tagines and couscous we have to offer. 


Are you looking for a vegan or plant-based restaurant in Cambridge and need help figuring out where to go? We have taken the hassle away and created a list of our favourites.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Head over to our Food and Drink page or send us an email for recommendations. We are happy to assist in finding the perfect place to dine out.


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