Aromi – Sicilian food at its best

One of the biggest success stories in Cambridge is, without a doubt, Aromi. Following in Caffe’ Cipriani’s footsteps, their beloved family coffee shop in Sicily, they decided it was time to open a similar cafe in Cambridge. Since they opened the doors of their first cafe on Benne’t Street in 2013, they have expanded rapidly to keep up with the demand.

Delicious Sicilian dessert at Aromi

The team behind Aromi soon discovered that their cafe in Benne’t street was too small and opened their second cafe at Peas Hill a year later and in 2015, a cafe at the Grafton centre.

Aromi is perfect for take away food

What is their secret?

Their key to success is quite simple. The proof is not in the pudding, but the dough! It’s made of three simple ingredients: flour, water and mother of yeast. During a slow 48-hour fermentation, starch and gluten are naturally broken down, so the final result is a much lighter, easier to digest dough where you’ll only have to take one bite to enjoy its goodness without the guilt!

Their flavourful toppings change seasonally and include the finest Italian air-cured meats and tasty Sicilian cheeses, all paired by our skilful chefs following our cherished family recipes. To make sure the pizza stays light and airy, they half bake the pizza first with either olive oil and tomato sauce and then add the toppings. Ready for the final bake when the client orders it.

Freshly baked buns at Aromi

Exciting addition

You might have noticed that the cafe on Peas Hill is partly boarded up and the shop next door to the Benne’t street cafe too. An exciting addition will be added soon. Fresh pasta!

Keep an eye out on our social media. We’ll make sure we get a warm, steaming bowl of pasta as soon as they are open!


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