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25 Free things to do with kids in Cambridge

Not sure what to do with your children? Here are our 25 free things to do with kids in Cambridge. From exciting walking trails to child-friendly art exhibitions and activities to fun-filled parks, splash pools and fascinating landmarks, there is so much choice when it comes to free things to do with kids in Cambridge.

If you’re visiting Cambridge or are a resident seeking things to do in Cambridge and where to eat and drink, make sure you check out our Travel Guide. It’s curated by Gerla, a foodie local and founder of the Cambridge Food Tour. It includes handy maps of all listed places.

Enjoy Cambridge!

The crime scene at Mill Road part of the Dinky Door Trail

Fun walking trails

1. Search for the 12 colourful benches of The Cambridge Book Bench Trail dotted around the city centre of Cambridge this Summer.
2. Hunt down the quirky Dinky Doors in Cambridge and learn about their fascinating stories, exploring the historic centre and the lesser-known areas of our city.
3. Stroll along the riverside and follow the trail of ‘Our Place in Space’ and meet Mars, a nod to Neptune and say hi to Saturn while your feet, wheels and skates stay firmly on the ground. Fun to do at dusk, too, as the Sun lights up.

The Time Capsule Project at the Museum of Cambridge

Family-friendly museums and activities

4. Pretend to be an explorer roaming through the artefacts at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
5. Join our quirkiest museum in Cambridge, The Museum of Cambridge, for their family summer activities. It’s fun and something different.
6. Over 100 free events to choose from during Open Cambridge from the 9th to the 18th of September. No wonder it’s one of the region’s biggest festivals of history and culture.
7. Delve into one of the activities at one of the Cambridge Museums for their Summer with the Museums.
8. Admire the huge creatures at the Museum of Zoology.

Splashpad at Abbey Pool (copyright: Cambridge City Council

Fun Splash pads and pools for water fun

9. Water fun at Lammas Land’s paddling pool. A fun day out with the kids, especially since it’s free. A kiosk and playground, and picnic area are on site too.
10. Chase the rainbow, you can’t really, but chasing water is a lot of fun! There are 3 splash pads dotted around Cambridge. Behind the Abbey Swimming pool, The Coleridge splash pad is on the Coleridge recreation ground, and the third one is the Kings’ Hedges splash pad on the ‘Pulley’ play area on King’s Hedges recreation ground.
11. Not free, but it’s a fantastic deal! The Cambridge swimming pools offer swimming lessons for £ 1 this Summer. Check with your local pool for details.

Build a den at Wandlebury ( copyright: Wandlebury)

Have fun at Cambridge’s open spaces

12. Climb and hide behind the collapsed trees at Coe Fen, and spot the wildlife around you whilst you’re there.
13. Explore the little nooks at Milton Country Park.
14. Roam around or build a den at the beautiful Wandleburry park on the outskirts of Cambridge.
15. Wander through the woodlands of Byron’s Pool.
16. Cheer the teams on the Dragon Boat Race in September.
17. Meet up with your friends at one of the fun play areas at one of Cambridge’s open spaces.

The Cambridge cows resting at Stourbridge Common

Animal attractions in Cambridge

18. Watch the swans and ducks at Jesus Green.
19. Spot the Cambridge cows on Midsummer and Stourbridge common.

The Corpus Christi Clock on the corner of Benne’t Street

Fascinating Cambridge Land Marks

20. Listen to the quirky Corpus Christi clock making spooky noises when the hour strikes.
21. Roam around the Cambridge market and watch the chefs cooking up a storm.
22. Spot the street entertainers dotted around the historic centre.
23. Delve into history at the Cambridge colleges. Roam around their gardens and admire the stunning buildings. Note not all are free!
24. Find a nice spot on the meadow at Mill Pond and watch life on the river. You might spot a punter losing balance and falling into the river!
25. Take part in one of the Leper Chapel festivals in East Cambridge. It’s fun and learn about the history of Cambridge.

Afternoon Tea with the kids at Parkers Tavern ( copyright: Parkers Tavern)

Kids are Free

Have fun whilst the kids go free!

Kids playing at Paus ( copyright: Katie Kuco)

Not free, but a lot of fun!

More free things to do in Cambridge

River Cam
Swans on the river Cam

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Have a great time in Cambridge, and don’t forget to browse our Travel Guide!

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