The Cambridgeshire Cook Book

cambridgeshire cook book

A few years ago in 2015, I was contacted by Lisa from Meze Publishers, suggesting to launch ‘The Cambridgeshire Cookery Book’. I thought that it was an excellent idea! Not just because I am passionate about the local food scene but also because I put Cambridge on the food map.

Some time ago, Cambridge was labelled as the worst clone city in the UK, and it has been a struggle to get rid of that label. Of course, ‘us locals’ know that Cambridge is not only an incredibly cultural city and one of the top universities in the world, but it also boasts many great artists, talented chefs and great foodie enterprises. For me, it’s a full-time job to keep on top of the local food scene with all the new exciting additions. Cambridge is becoming a foodie’s heaven. Some of these places are often hard to find as they are tucked away in small alleyways. Even in the historic centre of Cambridge!

cambridgeshire cook book
The Cambridgeshire Cook Book released in 2015

A celebration of the fantastic local food and drink

Joining one of our food tours is a perfect way to get under the skin of Foodie Cambridge, and if you are looking for something more unique, then we can tailor a food tour especially for you!

After the successful launch of the Sheffield Cookbook, Nottinghamshire Cook Book and Derbyshire Cook Book, it is now Cambridgeshire’s turn. And everybody involved is very excited!

A recipe from the Cambridgeshire Cook Book

A real mix of cuisines

The Cambridgeshire Cook Book is a real cross-section of the food scene. People are the best at what they do, whether it’s a type of dining experience, a particular dish that they are famous for. This is one of the reasons that the people of Cambridge flocking to them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t give too much away at the time as we wanted to keep some surprises in store.

The second helping of the Cambridgeshire Cook Book

Who’s included?

Let’s share a few names to give you a flavour of what’s to come. Daniel Clifford from the iconic two-star restaurant Midsummer House in Cambridge, ‘The Medicinal Chef’ Dale Pinnock and the creator of the best Pastel del Natte, Adelia from Norfolk Street Bakery, couldn’t be missed out of course, but you can find local producers in here too such as OOO company virgin olive oil.

Celebration of the local food scene

The Cambridgeshire Cook Book is a real celebration of the local food scene, including a foreword by Daniel Clifford and a taste of the local food scene by us, the Cambridge Food Tour. And not to forget fantastic recipes from local chefs and businesses. In a nutshell; it’s a must-have for a foodie and an excellent present!

How to get hold of a copy? The Cambridgeshire Cook Book ( @CambsCookBook) was released in July 2018. It is available from Waterstones Cambridge and the local businesses included in the book as well as Amazon. We have still copies left so please get in touch if you would like to buy a copy. The second book was released in 2018.


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