Street Bites on Sundays at Prana

Street Bites and Tiffin Roulette

Sundays are for meeting up with friends and family over casual food. For many in England, this would be a Sunday roast, but more and more people are opting for something a bit more casual and a different take on this highlight of the week.

Kobir and the team of Prana decided to introduce Cambridge to a casual way of eating as they do back home in Bangladesh, known as Street Bites. Last week we had a taster of their Street Bites and Tiffin Roulette at their Mill Road, Prana restaurant. We loved this informal way of eating and enjoying tasty Indian food while catching up on friends’ latest news.

From Sunday, the 2nd of April, Prana will serve the Street Bites and Tiffin Roulette, sharing menus featuring a selection of tantalising dishes in small plates and tiffin boxes, including vegetarian and vegan options for both vegetarian and vegan options lunch and dinner.

Gulab Jaman is the perfect sweet finish to your Street Bites Sunday lunch

Spice up your Sunday

Street Bites will include tasty offerings such as Yoghurt Chat Bombs (crisp bread puffs filled with chickpeas, spiced yoghurt, tamarind and coriander), Angry Bird (chicken thighs marinated and roasted in tandoor spices, yoghurt, ginger and garlic), battered & deep fried Baby Butterfly Prawns, Sylhet Masala Fries packed with turmeric, fenugreek and masala sauce, Ladies Fingers (okra battered in chickpea flour) and chicken or vegan Baby Biryani.

Vada Pau is a delicious spicy potato butty

What about an Indian butty?

One of the Street Bites on the menu is Pau, the pillowy street-style bun from Maharashtra, and it will be prepared three ways: Keema (minced lamb and peas cooked in spices), Vada (crunchy crushed potato covered in crumbs and topped with masala sauce) or as a Dhaka Chip Butty stuffed with Sylhet Masala Fries, Bengali tomato relish, chilli and coriander.

Momos are Indian steamed dumplings

What about Indian dumplings?

Yes, indeed, dumplings! In some parts of India, the cuisine has been influenced by Chinese cuisine due to its close proximity. Sticky, spicy chicken, also known as Chicken 65, is one of them and the Indian dumplings too. These exciting Street Bites are steamed dumplings filled with chicken or vegetables and served with a tomato chutney dip. too.

Not a Russian roulette, but an Indian one with delicious spicy butter chicken also known as angry bird

Let’s talk about the mains – Tiffin Roulette

Main courses, sides and desserts will be beautifully presented in a 4-tiered tiffin box big enough for 2 to share. Part of a thrilling “food roulette” concept, the tiffins will consist of 4 tiers of dishes chosen by the chef (as is customary in India), including a street food dish, a meat or veg dish, rice and a dessert. Dietary requirements will of course, be taken into consideration. 

About Prana Cambridge

Prana is delighted to share 30 years of culinary wealth based on Kobir’s uncle’s restaurant Malik’s original menu, which was designed by his uncle some 30 years ago. Whilst also evolving using old and modern techniques, as well as bringing some family dishes introduced to the menu by the owner. The Sunday menu officially launches on 2 April 2023, with the opening hours of noon to 2pm, then 5pm to 10pm.


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