River Cam

Activities on the River Cam

There is no better way to finish a day exploring Cambridge than to sit back and relax on a chauffeured punt on the River Cam. Drifting along the backs, you will pass the famous Cambridge colleges whilst listening to interesting stories and tales about the history of the city and the University. 

We have teamed up with the top punting company in Cambridge, offering premium experiences. Think Gin, Cheese, Wine and private punting. 

River Cam

Away from the crowds – Grantchester

One of our favourite parts of the river Cam is away from the crowds. Head over to Mill Pond, grab a drink from Mill Pond Pub and watch life on the river go by.

Here, at Mill Pond, you can hire a kayak, canoe or punt for self-hire and meander through fenland, woods and meadows to the beautiful village of Grantchester. This picturesque village, a stone’s throw away from Cambridge, is also known for the popular BBC TV series ‘Grantchester’. Enjoy a picnic at Grantchester Meadows or head over to Grantchester for a cup of tea and scones under the apple trees at Grantchester Orchards. The perfect outings for a sunny day in Cambridge. 

River Cam

Looking for something adventurous?

Why not try paddleboarding (SUP)? It’s one of the worlds fastest-growing sports. It’s fun and a unique way to explore the river Cam.

Are you new to SUP? The experts will show you how easy it is. The team will set your boards ready to go at Grantchester Meadows and collect them later at the same location. Life jackets, waterproof phone cases and Bluetooth speakers are included.


our tip – plan your day

make the most out of your time in Cambridge, check out what is going on

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