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Designer products made in Cambridge

Who doesn’t love stunning products created with passion and love? We’re fortunate to have quite a few independent businesses in Cambridge that beautifully design products from Gin to bags and bespoke watches. Here is our guide for these unique Cambridge products. 

made in Cambridge


Cambridge’s most famous brand. This satchel was born on the founder’s kitchen table to make enough money to send her children to a better school. The Cambridge Satchel was an instant hit with the bags featuring in Italian Vogue in its first year.

pedal and brass

Pedal & Brass

These stunning bags are created by Lottie’s out of love for creating, the rediscovery of cycling and a desire to make functional items that are super stylish.With this range handcrafted bags that look as good on you as they are secure on a bike, there’s a bag for every occasion.

qhere bags


Stunning bags are made out of no longer wanted materials and turn them into useful, eye-catching bags and accessories. QHERE bags are made from past-the-event advertising banners and punctured bicycle inner tubes, and in Cambridge, there are lots of both.



These bespoke watches were created from a love of good design, an ambition to bring an independent watch brand to Cambridge and a vision to introduce a new generation to the beauty of mechanical timekeeping. You can shop Beaucroft watches at the Cambridge Gin Lab. 

made in Cambridge


Cambridge’s second famous brand is the Cambridge Gin company was born out of walks with the founders’ Labrador through the meadows surrounding Cambridge. Their award-winning Gins are distilled at their distillery in Grantchester. Not open to public, but their bar here is. 

our tip – visit Mill Road

explore, shop and eat the most vibrant and cosmopolitan road of Cambridge

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