Goodbye, but not goodbye


KOTA and OtherSyde updates

Unfortunately, two of Cambridge’s popular residencies are ending, but it is not a permanent goodbye!

KOTA at Edington opened its doors last October. The team of NOVI Cambridge created a fantastic space at the Hyatt and Locke Hotels to dine at their contemporary restaurant, enjoy an excellent cup of coffee and pastries at their funky coffee shop and, during the summer, served up excellent botanical cocktails on the roof terrace.

In a few weeks’ time, half October, their residence, unfortunately, will come to an end. It is not the end of a story, though. It will continue at their sister restaurant NOVI Cambridge, where they will be in full swing and have BIG plans. There’ll be more to come on what’s next at their central Cambridge venue very soon. Exciting times. So watch this space!

Riverside drinking at this quirky beer garden

The OtherSyde

One of the quirkiest residencies will come to an end too, but as with KOTA Edington, it is not a permanent goodbye. The Team of the OtherSyde have big plans for their new venue in the old HSBC bank on Chesterton Road, where they are creating the community-focused crypto bar and game space Alcademy. There is still a lot of work to be done, so it will take a bit of time. In the meantime, follow them on social media and check out their website.

Calverley’s Brewery will be taking over the bar at the Engineer’s House

What’s next?

So what is going to happen now at the Engineer’s house? Sam and Tom from Calverleys Brewery on Hooper Street will take on the main bar outside and the cosy bar in the Engineer’s house, serving their excellent craft beer, wine and soft drinks.

They will have to do a bit of work before they can re-open, so keep an eye out on their social media. A wood burner will be fitted into the cosy bar in the Engineer’s house to keep everybody warm during the colder days of the year.

In case you wondered, pizzas will still be offered by the same guys.


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