Cows About Cambridge

Have you ‘herd’ about the ‘moo-vellous’ art trail of Cambridge? There are only four weeks to go till the 4th of September to track down the 90 Cow sculptures dotted around Cambridge, which are all uniquely decorated by artists.

Fun and free family friendly trail

 This free and family-friendly art trail for residents and visitors is a fun way to explore Cambridge. The smaller sculptures are adopted and decorated by schools, colleges and community youth groups as part of the Learning Programme will also be displayed as part of the adventure called the Mini Moos!

Cows about Cambridge art trail covers the city of Cambridge

Bringing communities together

Cows about Cambridge brings communities together to help them celebrate their city through creativity. Trail explorers, young and old, will have fun rediscovering their city, learning about the artwork, and spending time together. They will get outdoors, walk more and share their stories.

And after entertaining and bringing people together, the legacy of Cows about Cambridge continues as many of the sculptures will be auctioned to raise vital funds for the local children’s charity, Break. 

Cows about Cambridge is telling stories about Cambridge

Download the app

 To locate the cows, you can download the Wild in Artapp, pick up a map from hubs around the city or download of Cows Around Cambridge here. 

Get the Cows about Cambridge Trail Map

Where to stop off for a bite to eat or grab a drink?

The CB Travel Guide has put together a handy map of our favourite food and drink places en route of the Cows About Cambridge.

Please be aware that many of these indie places still have maintained the Covid-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe such as wearing face masks.

The detail of the Cows about Cambridge is magnificent

Around Kings Parade

  • Street food on the market square
  • St. Michaelhouse Cafe
  • Benet’s Cafe
  • The Cambridge Chop House
  • Smokeworks
  • Aromi
  • Bread and Meat
  • The Pint Shop
  • Jack’s Gelato

Parkers Piece area

  • Parkers Tavern
  • The Gonville Hotel on the Lawn
  • Novi Cambridge
  • The Tiffin Truck
  • The Free Press Pub
  • The Clarendon Arms

Jesus Green area

  • La Mimosa
  • The Waterman
  • Thirsty Cambridge
  • Cafe Foy
  • Galleria
  • Bould Brothers
  • The Orator
  • Six the roof terrace
  • Bridges



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