Top Wine Bars

Top Wine Bars in Cambridge

One of the great things about Cambridge is the laid back small wine bars. You can find them in every nook of the city, from North to South and places you wouldn’t expect! Let us be your guide – check out the map -we’re sure there is one right on your doorstep!


Having been voted 3 times as the UK’s NO.1 Independent Drinks Retailer, Cambridge Wine Merchants organise tasting events regularly at their wine bars in Bridge Street and Cherry Hinton. They recently have started with online tasting events to facilitate during the pandemic.


The rebel of the local wine and beer scene. Sam is currently checking out the good life in OZ, where he is sourcing some lovely goodies to flock in Cambridge. Quirky place, great booze, and to top off fab street food. He’ll back soon so watch this space for great stuff from down South!


An independent boutique wine shop set in the heart of Cambridge. Vinopolis offers a wide selection of non-screw top European wines, specialising in Georgian wine and offering wine tasting events. You can find Vinopolis just off Mill Road in Devonshire road. 


Maurizio is another rebel on the food scene. Hailing from North Italy, he loves authentic cuisine and a good glass of wine. Maurizio on Mill Road is like a typical Italian wine bar. It’s all about good food and excellent wines. Oh, yes and Maurizio! He will make your evening.


Our newest Wine Merchant in Cambridge! In 2021 Matt Hodgson opened his shop and wine bar in North Cambridge, Arbury. The name Grape Britannia is a bit of a giveaway. Indeed they specialise in English and Welsh wines.

Wine Rooms

One of the top places for local wine lovers to hang out. Carefully curated fine wines with an often changing offering, even by the glass! You can look forward to a laid back sommelier style service, bespoke wine tastings, and delicious Mediterranean inspired food by Liz Young.


Maoz, the founder of HaBasta restaurant inside Tel Aviv’s bustling food market, has now opened a restaurant in Cambridge. At the Kingston Arms, you can look forward to an eclectic mix of dishes, oysters and an extensive wine list. Trouble find the right bottle? Your sommelier is at hand.


our tip – join a local pop up

choose from a mouth-watering selection of specially curated feasts 

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