3 new Indian Restaurants

Two new Indian restaurants and a new cafe

There is a new vibe in Cambridge. Curry houses are making a shift for the new wave of Indian restaurants. Actually not that new at all! Indian cuisine is highly influenced by the Aryuveda principles and includes a lot of vegetarian dishes.

new indian
An Indian Tandoori spread and curries at the Maharaja Cambridge

La Maharaja on Castle Hill

One of Cambridge’s most popular Tandoori restaurants has recently had a facelift. The new owner, Habibur, is bringing back the same passion and unique flavours that once were delivered by the beloved previous owners Victor and Dulcie.

La Maharaja opened its doors yesterday so do go and check them out.

A spread of the vegan and vegetarian food at Namaste Village on Castel Hill

Vegan and Vegetarian – Namaste Village

After their success in Norwich, they decided to open their second restaurant on Castle Hill in Cambridge. Although many of the local Indians offer vegan or vegetarian options, the family-run Namaste Village include vegan and vegetarian options on their menu.

No concessions on the flavours are made. The food is just as good, if not better. In India, vegan and vegetarian cuisine are staples for the locals.

new indian
The cafe of Tawa Kitchen, Tawa Bites, will soon open on Hills Road

Tawa Bites on Hills Road

Watch this space! We’re very excited about the upcoming opening of Tawa Bites on Hill Road by one of our favourite Indian restaurants!

Tawa is renowned for promoting wellness inside and out, taking the ayurvedic principle of balance in body and mind and applying this to our cooking. Their kitchen moves away from the format of stereotypical Indian restaurants serving heavy dishes concentrating on curry and rice. What they eat at home and offer at Tawa is mostly plant-based, nutritious and created to fuel your day.


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