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Join Tim on one of his History Tours to explore one of the oldest university cities in the world. Cambridge has a rich history, fascinating architecture, stunning colleges, many open green spaces, excellent pubs and pretty streets. There is so much to discover that we recommend exploring Cambridge with a person in the know. 

Discover how Newton and Darwin honed their analytical skills, where the first British Prime Minister, Robert Walpole (and 14 others after him) learnt the joy of debate, and where a young Lord Byron first became raucous.

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Meet your local guide 

Make your way through Cambridge’s cobbled streets and its 1,000-year history, with one of the expert local guides. They have detailed, in-depth knowledge of Cambridge’s highlights and have trained intensively for 2 years and passed the highest Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK. 

Cambridge is so much more than buildings so it’s nice to have a guide who brings the city to life with a mix of history, interesting stories about Cambridge. Tim Cook is a local historian and has intimate knowledge of the City, University Colleges and their colourful alumni makes his tours relaxed, fascinating and amusing. As you stroll down quaint alleyways and cobbled streets, he brings to life the historical past of Cambridge with many tales not generally mentioned in the guide books.

Tim Cook is the sole guide and creator of Guide and Peek, came to Cambridge over 40 years ago to be a student. He fell in love with the city, its culture, and student life which he enjoys sharing with his guests. 

To get the most out of Cambridge, you need a historic tour with a difference. His tours come highly recommended on both TripAdvisor and Airbnb. He is only taking small or private groups enabling interaction, Tim’s tours are unique. 

history tours

Designed for you

Are you looking for something unique and bespoke? Tim, your historic tour guide can design a tour created around you and your party. 

For bookings and to contact Tim about private parties, please click below.

our tip – stay longer 

there is so much to do and see in Cambridge, that staying only one day doesn’t feel long enough

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