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Cambridge is one of the oldest university cities in the world. It has a rich history, fascinating architecture, stunning colleges, many open green spaces, excellent pubs and pretty streets. There is so much to discover that we recommend exploring Cambridge with a person in the know. 

Discover how Newton and Darwin honed their analytical skills, where the first British Prime Minister, Robert Walpole (and 14 others after him) learnt the joy of debate, and where a young Lord Byron first became raucous.

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Meet your local guide 

Make your way through Cambridge’s cobbled streets and its 1,000-year history, with a local Blue Badge Guide. They have detailed, in-depth knowledge of Cambridge’s highlights and have trained intensively for 2 years and passed the highest Tourist Guiding qualification in the UK. 

They make a good experience great. Entertaining, reliable and professional, a Blue Badge Guide’s knowledge and expertise bring your visit to life.

Cambridge is so much more than buildings so you can expect to look forward to a nice mix of history, interesting stories about Cambridge, paying a visit to the famous Eagle Pub and a peek inside the colleges at the students who still study here today.

Designed for you

Are you looking for something unique and bespoke? Your historic tour guide can design a tour created around you and your party. 

Contact them for more information.

Covid-19 – Following governments guidelines these tours aren’t available at the moment. 

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