Chinese Restaurants

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Cambridge has become very popular with Chinese tourists and students. As they like to eat their own cuisine, Chinese restaurants popping up like mushrooms. Previously these restaurants used to be dotted around the city, but recently the bottom end of Regent Street is turning into ‘our’ China town. The street is now lined with Chinese restaurants, and they are packed with Chinese students and visitors. Here is the list of our favourite Chinese restaurants away from ‘China town.’

In the meantime, check out the amazing independent cafes, shops, bars and restaurants in the most vibrant street in Cambridge, Mill Road and our Street Food Guide for a bite to eat. 

Have a great time in Cambridge!


Mill Road

One of our favourite areas in Cambridge is only a stone’s throw away from the historic centre. Mill Road is lined with a huge variety of independent shops, restaurants, pubs, and a craft brewery. This quirky area has been named one of England’s most cosmopolitan streets.

Street Food

In Cambridge, we are spoilt for choice with an excellent selection of food vans set up around the city and the local market serving you tasty food on the go. Perfect for food on the go whilst exploring Cambridge. Whilst we are working on our Eating Out guide, check out these great traders!

What’s On 

Are you a local and want to find out what is going on in Cambridge or planning to spend some time in Cambridge? Check out our What’s on Agenda to find out what is happening in Cambridge or plan your visit whilst staying in one of the oldest University cities in the world.

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